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KNB Enterprises - Artwork Submission
  • Artwork: Customer to supply black and white camera ready artwork. Artwork may be sent via e-mail in PC or MAC format to Please read below for acceptable formats.
  • Acceptable Formats for Screen Printing or Color Transfer:
    • Adobe Illustrator (.ai) up to Ver.11 saved as EPS
    • Corel Draw (.cdr) up to Ver.9 saved as EPS
    • Preferred Encapsulated Postscript (.eps)
    • High resolution TIFF (.tif) - one color jobs only
    • Camera-Ready Hard Copy (both one color or multi color)
    • Company Letterhead (art charge will apply for scanning and correction)
    • Please note that AI and EPS files should have the "text as outlines" , so the font is not required.
  • Unacceptable Formats for Screen Printing or Color Transfer: jpg, gif, tif, bmp,or other bit mapped images.
    • Windows Bitmap (.bmp)
    • Other bitmaps (.jpg, .gif, .pcx)
    • MS Word Documents (DOC)
    • MS Excel Documents (XLS)
    • Photocopies, faxed art, business cards, web images such as (.gif) or any other art that has low resolution/quality, or multi-color art to be made one-color or otherwise improved.
    • Computer scans of the above are not considered camera ready
    • Files such as DOC, EXE, PCX, PPT, P65, or XLS are not acceptable
    • Imprints on Matchbook covers, napkins, styrofoam cups, photos of finger drawn art etched into the dirt of your car and then photographed is also not acceptable.
  • NOTE:For Single-color imprint, scans of camera ready, with a minimum of 600 dpi, are acceptable.
  • Setup Charge: Silkscreen Setups are $50.00 (V) per color.
  • Reorders: If using the same screens, a reset fee of $25(V) per color screen.
  • Artwork: No charge with camera ready art.(We do fix artwork billed at $45/hr net.
  • Paper Proof: No Charge
  • Type Setting, Color Seperation and Clean-up billed at $45 (Net) per hour.
  • To prevent degradation, we discard all screens 13 months following the last use. Reorders placed after this date may incur new Set up charges.
Die & setup charge: $87.50 (v) one time, (size no bigger than 4.5" x2"),each logo, each location. There will be a set up charge of $31.25 (v) for each different product number and location.
Repeat order: set-up is $25.00 (v) each product number, each location.
Paper proof: No charge. Product proof: $31.25 (v) plus shipping & merchandise cost.
EMBROIDERY Artwork: Customer to supply artwork and may send it via e-mail in PC or MAC format to using the following file formats: eps, tif, Adobe Illustrator CS (ai,eps), Adobe Photoshop CS (psd).Jpeg, gif. For Single-color imprint, scans of camera ready, with a minimum of 600 dpi, are acceptable. The better the art, the better the finished product.
Paper Proof: No Charge
We can only accept art in the following formats:
TIFF/CMYK minimum 150dpi
JPEG/CMYK minimum 300dpi

Setup Charge: $20 Net
You can email artwork to us in the above mentioned acceptable formats or provide us with art on the following acceptable media.
Acceptable Media for Transfer of Artwork:
* CD
* eMail

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

* Do you accept faxed artwork?
- Fax quality is so poor that we will take a fax only as a reference.

* Will problems with artwork submissions affect our in-hands date?
- Besides costing you time and money, your shipping date can be delayed.

* Does it cost for PMS Color matching?
- Exact matches for quantities under 200 pieces is $25(V) Net. All color imprints require a PMS number for us to match to. If your job does not require EXACT PMS matching, then there will be no charge. However, we still need a PMS number from you.

* Do you have a RUSH service available?
- Yes we do. We will notify you with the applicable fees based on quantity and production time.

* What is production time?
- Normal production is 2-3 weeks. That is 2-3 weeks from receipt of acceptable artwork. Please note that 2-3 weeks production time does not include shipping time.

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